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A conversation course is a language course in which the emphasis is on developing communicative skills, making free use of grammatical rules in speaking. The aim of the conversation course is to develop vocabulary by reading a wide variety of texts on a wide variety of topics, to communicate freely and to use a language rich in idiomatic expressions and to overcome language barriers. The prerequisite for this course is language level B1.

Payment methods for the course:

*297,00€ for a single payment or 100,00€ advance payment when signing the contract before the start of the course and 197,00€ at the latest by the first class.
In two instalments: The first instalment consists of an advance payment of € 100.00 before the beginning of the course and a first payment of € 110.00 paid no later than 7 days after the beginning of the course. The second instalment of 110,00 € is payable at the latest 6 weeks after the beginning of the course. With this option the course fee is 320,00€.

What do the online classes look like?

Classes are conducted on the Microsoft Teams platform or on Skype. These are free of charge and allow you to have online audio and video meetings. Classes are held live, at fixed times. The only difference between in-school lessons is that you can learn conveniently and without leaving your home. In addition, you will receive an instructional video on how to use the platform. During the classes the teacher prepares notes on the virtual whiteboard, which you will receive after the end of each lesson.
Thanks to this, at any time you can return to the discussed issues and repeat them, and you don’t have to focus on keeping your own notes. Classes are based on a specially selected textbook – different for each level. You can learn from anywhere. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer and access to the internet. Classes are designed to teach you not only speaking but also writing. During the class we do listening, reading, writing and grammar exercises. We are a certified school and after finishing the course we issue certificates which are honoured in the European Union.


Start 31.03.2022
Time 18:00 – 19:30
Price 297€
Days wtorek i czwartek
Number of hours 48
Free places 4
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