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If you are looking for a course that suits your individual needs and that is easy to organize in terms of time, then private lessons are the best for you. These type of classes are an excellent option for those who are very busy, but also for those who are both ambitious and very demanding. One-to-one lessons are especially suitable for those who have little time for regular classes during the week and for those who want to catch up on grammar deficiencies, among other things. In this way, the most effective learning program is guaranteed. Individual lessons are as unique as you are!

Price list

Price list for individual courses

Hourly optionPrice per 1 personPrice per 2 persons
1 x 45 Minutes30€38€
1 x 60 Minutes39€48€
1 x 90 Minutes55€80€
20 x 60 Minutes*750€920€
*-Language voucher payable in advance, valid for a maximum of 6 months from the first meeting.

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