Price list

Price list of individual courses

Duration of lessonsPrice per 1 personPrice for 2 persons
1 x 45 minutes26€38€
1 x 60 minutes35€48€
1 x 90 minutes52€80€
20 x 60 minutes*660€920€
*-Talon of language paid in advance, valid for a maximum of 6 months from the first meeting.

Price list

Price list for other courses

CourseNumber of
(one-time payment)
(payment in 3 installments)
offline in Berlin 52350€380€ (180€+100€+100€)
standard course48300€320€ (110€+110€+100€)
weekend course48300€320€ (110€+110€+100€)
SHIFT COURSE48360€380€ (140€+140€+100€)

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