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The weekend courses are always held on Saturdays at specific times: 09:00 -12:00 or 12:15 – 14:45. There is always one free Saturday (the last one) per month. We offer them for the people whose work does not allow them to study during the week or for commuters.

Learning in such small groups not only helps to overcome the fear of speaking, but also promotes motivation. As a result, students feel comfortable and teachers can pay more attention to them and provide a more individualized approach. Another advantage of this form of learning is the unique opportunity to meet new people and confront the language skills acquired in class with them. Each module, e.g. A1.1, includes a total of 52 lessons (13 sessions of 3 hours each) and costs 350€*.

Payment options for the course:

*350€ for one-time payment or 100€ deposit when signing the contract before the course starts and 250€ at the latest at the first lesson.


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